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Seagull Leadership International aims to inspire the passionate high and middle school students to connect with various communities locally and internationally with their skills and creativity in order to promote cultural diversity and guide underprivileged people toward a brighter future. To reward our committed members for giving their time and efforts to the community, we give them the opportunity to earn the prestigious Presidential Volunteer Service Award.


For qualifications, please refer to the following requirements. The application is due on August 31 every year. Please send in your application and an excel/google sheets of your hours (including dates, brief descriptions of job, as well as organization name - if other than SLI ) to After verifying, we will submit it to Washington D.C. to get the award certificate for you. 

This is how the award looks like when you receive it!


There is a certain criteria that must be meet in order to qualify for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.


Please note that as of 2019, all hours should be logged digitally on an excel/google sheets file rather than by hand. See links below.



Brian Fu


Brian Fu

Sophia Luo


Brian Fu

Jessica Feng


Jessica Feng

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