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Last Performance with Le Plank

Park Performeance 

On their very special last performance, Michael, Frank, Remon, and Hoi Lam with their partner Le Pank, have decided to go to Lions Wayside Park for their last show. Through their journey with Le Plank, they have brought many smiles and made many days more joyful. Seagull Leadership had great fun with Le Plank and can't wait for next time!

Senior Center

Michael, Frank, Leyi, Remon and Hoi Lam

Seagull leadership visited Ivy Park for another great performance.  Not only did they bring endless smiles but also an intriguing show. They love doing this and will continue to do so.

Senior Center Performance

On 4/29/23, Seagull members Leyi, Michael, Frank, and Remon goes to Ivy Park home for senior to once again amaze their lovely audience with their spirited music such as "America the Beautiful" and "Oh! Susanna"

Sheet Music

Senior Center Performance

From 2/15/23 to the present, Seagull members Leyi, Michael, Frank, and Remon, have teamed up with Le Plank to go to Watermark Senior Center and showed their beautiful music that brings bright smiles to those elderly. They love doing the performances and will continue to do so!

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