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Jessica Feng
President 2016-2019
Advisor 2019-2020

In 2016, Jessica started the Seagull Leadership International to promote cultural diversity in local and international communities. She currently serves as the main founder and oversees the organization, its website, and its events. Jessica is passionate about bring the community’s young leaders together and giving them a safe space to unleash their creativity to make incredible changes. Through SLI, she seeks to let the youth’s influence to inspire others to impact the society. 


Jessica recently graduated from Mission San Jose High School and is currently a freshman at Cornell University.

Alicia Yang
Vice President 2016-2019
Co-President 2019-2020

Alicia Yang is a senior at Irvington High School in Fremont, California. Through SLI, she hopes to inspire change, promote cultural diversity, and create a positive impact on her community. Alicia is also passionate about math, science, and dance. She actively advocates the benefits of competitive and mental math for young children and regularly teaches students at local schools and afterschools. In her free time, Alicia enjoys reading, listening to music, gardening, and volunteering throughout her community. 

Pauline Rogers is a junior at Valley Christian High School in San Jose. In her free time, she volunteers to sing classical music at shows. She enjoys singing, fencing, playing piano, playing chess, and watching anime.

Pauline Rogers
VP Fundraising 2016-2019

Brian is a junior at American High School in Fremont. He likes to draw, paint, and make various crafts in his free time. He also enjoys playing piano because it makes him feel happy and relaxed. He likes to be active in his community. Brian is excited to help people in-need and to add diversity by sharing his passion with the community. 

Brian Fu
Webmaster 2017-2019
Secretary 2018-2019
Co-President 2019-2020

Emily Xu is a senior at Irvington High School. Her interests include drawing, singing, and playing instruments. She is a member of her school's marching band and regularly volunteers at Haiao Chinese School. 

Emily Xu
Fundraising Organizer 2017-2019
VP Fundraising 2019-2020

Erik Rulkens is a sophomore at Archbishop Mitty High School. He likes playing basketball, reading books, making Youtube videos, following technology trends and playing video games.

Erik Rulkens
Treasurer 2017-2020

Michael is a sophomore at Mission San Jose High School. He is part of MSJHS' basketball team. Michael is very interested in STEM-related subjects, specifically Math and Computer Science. He has also taught Math Olympiad to elementary-aged students. Michael is dedicated to finding ways to benefit the community.

Michael Wu
Outreach 2018-2019
Webmaster 2019-2020

Vincent is a freshman at Irvington High School. He enjoys piano, chess, reading, and watching anime. Some activities he participates in are competitive math, physics, and badminton,  He is also a member of Crystal Children's Choir.

Vincent Wang
Web/Fundraising 2019-2020

Sophia is a junior in high school. She loves performing arts, especially acting. Some other after school activities that she is involved in include Girl Scouts, Chinese, ballet and hip-hop dance, and plays. She also like traveling, and her favorite places are New York City and Los Angeles. Her favorite things to do are reading, dancing, and watching Youtube videos. She wants like to be a geneticist when she grow up.

Sophia Luo
Oakland Activities 2017-2019
Oakland Leader 2018-2020
Secretary 2019-2020

Nichole is a junior at Wilcox High. She is the leader of the South Bay branch. Nichole is highly skilled at the piano, holding several titles in California. She also enjoys playing the cello with her orchestra. Besides music, Nichole holds a deep passion for the visual arts. She spends many hours a day designing, painting, and creating.

Nichole Wang
South Bay Leader 2018-2020
VP Outreach 2019-2020

Elaine Liu is a sophomore at Saratoga High School. She enjoys sketching, singing, and listening to music in her free time. Elaine loves playing Dizi, or the Chinese Bamboo Flute, as it has accompanied her for the majority of her life. Elaine is currently a member of the California Youth Chinese Symphony Ambassadors group as a Dizi player. She was also a member of the Saratoga Music Program as a Flute player in both the Marching and Symphonic Band.

Elaine Liu
South Bay Activities Coordinator 2018-2020

Travis Xu is a senior at Arroyo High School. Travis enjoys spending his free time helping others that are in need, such as participating in food drive events or helping out at the nearest food bank. Travis has been a member of many clubs such as the Music Student Service League club. In the rest of his spare time, he enjoys making new friends, swim, and playing video games.

Travis Xu
Hayward Leader 2017-2020

Vicky Huang is a sophomore at Castro Valley High School. She is  committed, energetic, and self-motivated. Vicky volunteers on a weekly basis for various events. In her free time, Vicky likes to watch Chinese and Korean Dramas for fun.

Vicky Huang
Hayward AC 2018-2020

Hu Bin is a senior high school student in China. He likes to play soccer and ping pong. He believes that helping people is meaningful, and he tries his best to always help around his community. He volunteers in hopes that more and more people are able to have a good life.

Hu Bin
Chizhou, Anhui, CH Leader

Qian Yun Yu is 15 years old. She likes to play soccer and watch movies. Qian's goals include helping orphans so that when they grow up, they can, in turn, help their societies and pass on their care and love. Qian likes to meet new people and make new friends as well!

Qian Yun Yu
Chizhou, Anhui, CH Branch Officer
Ryan Rulkens
Fundraising Assist 2019-2020