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Spring Book Sale

On March 24, 2018, members of Seagull Leadership hosted three successful spring book drives taking places at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, Laney College in Oakland, and Winton Middle in Hayward, California. A wide variety of books were sold, such as children’s books, chapter books, instructional books, graphic novels, and literary books. Also for sale were many fun trinkets such as keychains, toys, and puzzles. A definite bestseller were yummy homemade snacks that our customers happily enjoyed. Overall, many kids were excited to buy books at great prices, and all customers left our sale excited and satisfied with their purchases. In addition, Seagull Leadership is extremely proud to be donating profits to charity. As we have done in the past, all raised money will be supporting important causes, such as disaster relief, child sponsoring, education opportunities for underprivileged citizens, improving lives of senior citizens, and much more. We are happy to be able to benefit these local foundations and communities, and this fundraiser was definitely a success!

Sophia, Anais, and some parents and teachers hosted a book drive at the Haiao Chinese School Oakland branch at Laney College. Although it was cold and rainy, they made the best of it, setting up a station with toys and candy and laying out the books to sell. Students and their parents came by during class breaks and before and after school. The drive raised a total of $37.50 for the Seagull International Leadership Group. A big thank you to everyone came to support and help!

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