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Hotel Oakland Musical Relaxation: Mother's Day

On May 9, 2018, some of the Seagull International Leadership participants visited the Hotel Oakland Musical Relaxation, and it was a warm and moving experience with a theme of motherhood. They began by having the students present pre-folded big red flowers to all the residents. Several elderly mothers were moved to tears! The violin solo “Really Loves You” enchanted everyone! Then a chorus of the three pupils, and the piano playing made the old people happy to engage and shake hands with the little boys, hugging them. The simple musical instruments we brought made all the participating seniors a performer! The students and the elders talked cordially and sang and danced. Some guests brought their own guitar, and played a few pieces also. Thank you very much for the impromptu soloists! One of the guests shared: "This is a family concert! Strong support!"


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