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Singers and Storytellers and Dancers, Oh My!

On Wednesday, April 18th, Karida Li, Hayley Lin, Jasmine Luo, David Lei, Jeff Li and Sophia Luo participated in the musical therapy event. We prepared and passed out paper dogs to each senior. Then, we sang several songs with the residents, including 月亮代表我的心,万水千山总是情,漫步人生路,and 幸福拍手歌, and encouraged them to dance in the middle of the room with us. Some even showcased their talent as singers and storytellers. Seeing the seniors participate in our activities strengthened our connection with the senior citizens here. Some of them even recognized us and greeted us with a warm smile and a gentle hug. We loved interacting with the wonderful people at the center, and we are filled with excitement and anticipation to meet them in the future! A huge thanks to all of the senior citizens who came to our events, the staff at The Hotel of Oakland Village, our organizers, and the performers!


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