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In Harmony: Summer's Here!

On Saturday, June 17, the South Bay chapter hosted a performance at the Villa Fontana Senior Center. This entertaining 1-hour program featured a professional performance from the California Youth Chinese Symphony Ambassadors. They are a talented group of performers hand-selected to promote Chinese music. The Ambassadors gave the seniors an amazing performance, featuring soloists and group performances. The songs were lively and cheerful, and the seniors greatly enjoyed this concert. Afterwards, seniors had the chance to ask questions, and the performers eagerly introduced their unique Chinese instruments. Overall, it was a very successful performance, and we felt a strong connection with the seniors through the music.

Below are recordings of the performances:

花好月圓 Blooming flowers at full moon

花兒與少年 The Flower and the Lad

花下醉 (Zhonguan solo) Drunk Beneath the Flowers

銀河碧波 (GuZhang solo)Green Wave in a Silver River

草原騎兵 (Sheng solo) Soldiers on the Grasslands

映山紅 (Yanhqin solo)Azalea

遠方的朋友請你留下來 (PiPa solo) Please Stay, Guests From Afar

春到湘冮 (Dizi solo) Spring to Xiang River

新賽馬 (Erhu solo) New Horse Racing

戰馬奔騰 Galloping War Horse

金蛇狂舞 Golden Snake Dance

Thank you performers, faculty, and the senior citizens for taking part in this event! We hope to see you next time!

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