SLI Virtual Music Therapy

On July 22, a group of students and Chinese teachers gathered on a phone call to bring music therapy to seniors at home. First, Avril sang 传奇 with piano accompaniment. Next, Tiana, Jennifer, Gabby, Iris, Sophie, and Li Xu from the California Youth Chinese Symphony played 讀書郎 on the pipa and zhongruan. Then, Amanda recited a tongue-twister, which was followed by 有一天, a story recited by Wan laoshi from Haiao Chinese Academy. After that, Erik played 江南春色 on the erhu, followed by Amanda again singing 虫儿飞. Her performance was followed by Ryan playing 送你一朵玫瑰花 on the pipa, and Ivy singing 甜蜜蜜. Finally, Sun laoshi from Haiao Chinese Academy recited a long poem. Although having music therapy over the phone is different from doing it in person, our seniors still enjoyed it very much!

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