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Traditional Lunch Combo Fundraiser

On Monday July 27, 2020, a fundraiser for Seagull Leadership took place at the Oakland Coliseum DMV. The workers had already pre-ordered and paid six dollars for a meal that consisted of ten pot stickers, a fried egg, a sausage, carrots, cherries, and their choice of coca-cola, sprite, or ginger ale.

On the day of the event, Vicky prepared all the meals beforehand in the morning. Vicky and Sharon arrived thirty minutes before the lunch break shifts started at the DMV to set up. After laying the food out on the tables, they helped load the food onto individual plates and passed them out. After trying the food, the workers all commented that it was very delicious and very filling. Though the event didn’t last very long, as they only stayed during the lunch break, they ended up raising $80!


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